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  • Archtek, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative, functional, and attractive oral care products of exceptional value.  
  • We take every opportunity to ensure the highest quality standards for our products through clinical studies and in full compliance with regulatory requirements. 
  • We are mindful of our impact on the environment and community, seeking responsible and sustainable solutions whenever possible.

A letter from Archtek's President:

In 1992, Archtek modified existing “Boil and Bite” athletic mouthguards to create the first 1.5mm dental trays which could be fitted chair side after 5 seconds in warm water. Today we offer 5 styles of clear EVA direct impression dental trays. New hybrid thermoplastic materials used in the Two Tray System have enhanced the EVA dental trays with a more technical generation of trays designed specifically for the dental industry.

Archtek offers a complete line of dental cases and was the first to significantly upgrade the standard ortho case by offering highly polished surfaces with a mirror inside the lids. All Archtek dental cases have a high end appearance of a cosmetic style case.

More recently, Archtek has continued to innovate with new, one of a kind, products including the Mouthbrush, Denture Maintenance Kit, Bleaching Kit, and the Bruxing Kit. Most of these new items were launched at the 2007 IDS Dental Show Germany. In October 2007, Archtek launched the Grind Guard for the relief of symptoms associated with night time teeth grinding and jaw clenching as well as the STAY TRAY temporary orthodontic retainer.

In March of 2010, Archtek launched TOOTHPASTE TABLETS. Each small 500mg tablet is placed in the mouth, chewed, then followed by normal brushing and rinsing.

This innovative unit dose, “on the go”, alternative offers the following advantages over paste in a tube:

  • No microbial transmission that occurs when a toothbrush is swiped at the end of a tube of paste.
  • All packaging is recyclable vs. the 560 million used tubes dumped in landfills each year in the US alone.
  • A convenient, light weight, small format package (each 1 ½ inch diameter x 3 ¼ inch high bottle contains 60 tablets) is:
    • Approximately 1/3rd the size of toothpaste and 40% of the weight.
    • Airport friendly and can be included with carry on luggage.
    • No toothpaste mess in the sink, in drawers, or on the counter.
    • Easier to use especially for the elderly or those with physical challenges.
    • Unit dose assures the correct amount each time.

Archtek’s simple to use TOOTHPASTE TABLETS represent the only viable alternative to paste and are available in a refreshing Cool Mint flavor.

I'm confident that after you view the Archtek products featured in this web site, you will see the exciting difference innovation brings to the dental industry.

Scott Jacobs





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