Archtek offers 4 styles of “Boil and Bite” bleaching trays that  are formed chair side.  The tray material softens in hot water followed by a direct impression by placing the tray over the patient’s teeth and instructing them to suck all the air and moisture from the tray.  The #133 Full Hinged Arch Tray is placed directly over the teeth and does not require softening in warm water. 

Bracket Jacket

Guards Lips & Cheesks from Harsh Brackets and Wires on Braces

Thermoformed Dental Tray- 12 Unit Kit

1.5 mm Full Arch EVA trays in re-sealable clamshell

Two-Tray System Tray Kit- 6 Unit Kit

Patented Blue outer/ White inner trays. 1.0 mm Full Arch inner tray in re-sealable clamshell

Ultra-Thin Full Arch Tray Kit - 12 Unit Kit

1.0 mm Full Arch EVA trays in re-sealable clamshell



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