Clinical Studies

Thermoplastic Whitening Trays

1.Orthodontic Caries Control and Bleaching

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  Dr. Van B. Haywood 


Toothpaste Tablets™

1. Study on the influence of using a toothpaste with cranberry extract on dental plaque and on the count of Mutans Streptoccoci

Dr. Cecil Badet, University of Bordeaux                          

 University of Bordeaux Exocyan Cran_In vivo dental study_toothpasteV2.pdf



2. Study of Cranberry Fractions Use on Oral Bacteria

  Victor Segalen, University of Bordeaux 2

  Follow link to learn moreTOOTHPASTE TABLETS, EXOCYAN Cran In Vitrol Study with protocol.pdf



3. Influence of the use of chewing gums containing cranberry extract on mouth bacterial flora

University of Bordeaux

        TOOTHPASTE TABLETS,Exocyan Cran pilot In Vivo study.pdf





Grind Guard™ & Professional Bruxing Splint

1. The efficacy of traditional, low cost and nonsplint therapies for temporomandibular disorder: A randomized controlled trial


Edmond Truelove, Kimberly Hanson Huggins, Lloyd Mancl and Samuel F. Dworkin, The Journal of the American Dental Association  

            JADA Study Grind Guard.pdf



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