Grind Guard™ Bonus with 3" mirrored case

Included Case with mirror
Formed Grind Guard
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  • Boil & Bite Bruxing
  • Two thermoformed dental trays
  • Attractive 3” cosmetic case with mirror
  • Form Fit™ technology
  • Fits to your teeth in just 7 seconds in warm water
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Latex- free, no Phthalates


  • One package consists of:
    • Two 3mm thermoformed dental trays
    • One 3” diameter vented cosmetic case with mirror
    • in re-sealable clamshell packaging


  • Relief of symptoms associate with the nighttime grinding of teeth and jaw clenching
  • Clinically proven to be as effective as a lab produced acrylic splint

Fitting Instructions:

How to Mold a Grind Guard:

For best results we suggest you first test the mold in your mouth and practice sucking the air, water and saliva out of the mold before you start the heating process. Once you get the feel for what you will do when the guard is ready to mold, you can start the process of heating water. Bring about 4 inches of water to a boil and once the water is boiling, turn the heat source off, remove the water from the heat source and let it sit for a minute or two so it can cool slightly.

  1. Securely hold the triangular tab on the guard and gently place the guard in the water. While still holding on to the tab and keeping the tab above the water, wave the guard in the water for no longer than 10 seconds. You should see the guard start to appear more clear, soft, and see-through.  Do not let go of the tab while dipping the guard in the warm water! 
  2. Once you have heated the guard and softened it, carefully put the guard in your mouth, fitting it to the top teeth. Gently press the guard to your teeth without biting down at all, and suck all of the air, saliva and water out of the guard and suction it to your teeth as tight as you can. Hold it on your teeth and press with your tongue as well to maintain a tight seal. Remove the guard from your mouth carefully after about 20-30 seconds and rinse under cold water. The guard should be formed tightly to your teeth and if you have a smaller mouth, then you can cut the guard with scissors to better fit your gingival margin. If the edges are rough, you can put the guard in warm water to smooth the edges.
  3. If the guard does not fit to your satisfaction, you can repeat the steps again and try to make sure you get the best fit with the guard.  Once you are satisfied with your fit, go ahead and cut the triangular tab with scissors to remove the tab. Again, if the edge is sharp from cutting it put some warm water on the edge and it will smooth out.
  4. You can re-form it by putting it back in the water and try it again using the suggested technique of placing the guard in warm, not boiling water, then leaving it in the water to soften for about 10 seconds. Pull out the tray and put it into the top of your mouth, while sucking all of the air and water out of the tray to get suction and the best custom fit. You then press your tongue to the sides and top of your mouth to make sure it is set in place and then remove the guard, run it under cold water again and it should be fit to your needs.

Fitting Tips:

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by buddynfo, 08/27/2013

I have purchased the dentist version and it is expensive and they don't last long. I enjoy using this product. It's comfortable and soft.

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