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1. USA Today- Travel

  H:Dental Media KitPress BoxPrint PublicationsProduct watch Toothpaste tablets for the carry-on crowd -USATODAY_com.mht


2. SkyMall Monday: Toothpaste Tablets





3.  Dentistry IQ



4. Colorado Country Life







5. One Bag, One World



6. Colorado Biz Magazine





Press Releases

1. Put Down the Tube:

Best Travel Toothpaste.pdf

2. 2011 Sales & Marketing

 2011 Sales and Marketing.pdf

3. New Convenient Travel Packaging

New Convenient Travel Packaging.pdf

4. Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Cold & Flu

 Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Cold & Flu.pdf

5. Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Environmental

 Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Environmental.pdf

6. Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Top Product

 Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Top Product.pdf

7. Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Travel Option

 Toothpaste Tablets Press Release Travel Option.pdf



Print Publications

1. Chicago Sun-Times

      Chicago Sun Times Article.pdf



2. Cumberland Times

     Cumberland Times Mandi Fabbri.JPG

3. Les Echos


4. Sky Mall- The Greatest Gift

   Sky Mall Greatest Gifts.jpg

5. Travel Goods Magazine

     Travel Goods Magazine.pdf



Information Sheets

 1. Boil & Bite Dental Trays


2. Professional Bruxing Splint

Bruxing Splint Sell Sheet.pdf

3. Dental Cases

Dental Cases Sell Sheet.pdf

4. Denture Maintenance Kits


5. Grind Guard™


6. Flip 360 Mouthbrush™ and Travel Pack


7. Press & Fit™ Wax Bleaching Tray


8. Stay Tray™


9. Tooth Bleaching Kit


10. Toothpaste Tablets™




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