Bracket Jacket

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  • Relieves Irritation From Braces
  • Better than Wax
  • Soft, BPA free material
  • Custom Fits in Hot Water
  • Allows for Tooth Movement
  • Reusable and can be re-formed
  • Contains two (2) Guards, 1 for upper and 1 for lower


  • One unit includes 2 Bracket Jacket guards


  • Worn over braces for the protection of soft tissue in the mouth
  • Provides tooth protection when during orthodontic tooth movement, pressure points may exist between upper and lower teeth


  • Do not eat or drink with the Bracket Jacket in mouth

Care & Maintenance: 

  • After use, rinse under cool tap water
  • Store in storage case (like the Archtek Dental Bath)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat


  • Instructions: Heat water to a boil, once water has come to a boil, remove from heat and let water rest for 2 minutes to cool. Hold the Bracket Jacket by the triangular fitting tab and place in hot water, keeping the tab above water to prevent fingers from burning. Hold tray immersed in water for 3 seconds or until Bracket Jacket begins to soften. Lift Bracket Jacket from water and let water drip out. Place Bracket Jacket around teeth and over orthodontic brackets. Do not bite down or let the sides of the guard touch. Press using fingers on all angles of teeth and brackets to get a tight fit. Suck all air and moisture out of Bracket Jacket so that it suctions to the teeth. After 2 minutes in the mouth, gently remove the Bracket Jacket and gently pull away from braces. Rinse under cold water. If the fit is not satisfactory, try the process again or call 1-800-763-8129.  

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